Copywriter/ WSO Expert Needed- Massive profits potential

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by jon99, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I am looking for a copywriter/WSO Expert to create a WSO for us, and we'll split the profit 60/40.

    I would be selling my Google Adwords Lead Generation Service: I Can Get QUALITY/LEGIT Leads from Google Adwords at Cheap Price (from $50),Can You Sell The Leads ?

    I have created this JV recently, and have already made 4 sales unknowingly.

    I am confident that this service will sell well, as we do exactly what we promised. Providing Google Adwords Leads at such pricing, I believe not many people are able to provide this yet.

    I am able to provide this service, as I run a marketing company, and have the resources to perform such campaigns on large scale. The method is 100% whitehat and legit. It's more on resource-management thing.

    The method will stay confidential with me. Certain things will remain transparent such as GA and Adwords reports after campaign is done. Clients can also view their landing page LIVE on Google while the campaign is running. The procedure of the service will be precise to give clients a clear view of what they will expect, and how things is going to workout etc.

    My preferences:

    I would prefer someone who have succeeded in creating popular WSOs before to work with me.
    The WSO will be created with your account, and we'll spilt the fees 50/50.
    We will work together to handle inquires and orders in our WSO thread.

    If you are interested, please do not hesitate to add me in my skype immediately, so that we can create this WSO ASAP (Perhaps it can even be up by tonight.)