copywriter needed|budget: $1,200 USD


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May 17, 2014
looking for a copy writer.

budget: $1,200 USD

Send me your portfolio and skype thanks.

Thank's everyone for your interested. Saw some great talent and hired. Thread close
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I have a good team, and i have 3 years experienced.we can discuss all details via skype: blackmagicseo
I really wonder if really hired anyone....looking the nature of his shady posts from the past few days!
Very interested, I assure u that I will give u 100% USA Quality or no need to pay me......thank's!
There posts are all over this freelance section lately. This looks like arbitrage. The person comes here and offers to purchase a service/product for a ridiculous price .... then seeks a ton of samples from people - then sell that work to other people. Yes OP I do suspect that's what you do.

Ok freelancers - you got skills - don't give that shit away for free. A simple discussion and relative sample of your work ought to speak for itself no matter what niche in you are in - So just pick your best piece of work to show people that most closely relates to what they're looking for because frankly - your work is being stolen as I write this.

Smarten up - protect yourself - and save your best stuff for delivery on the projects you earn! Later guys!
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