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    Hi, this is my first post. Like this forum for the good info so thanks for that.

    I'd like to know what peoples opinions are on copyright issues, I have an idea for a website which has been done before but not in a paticular country in Europe, i have a domain name which is different but the design could be considered similar although my developer created it himself. Could this be grounds for copyright infringement? I've read privacy policies and terms pages which say "the look and feel" of a website belong to that website?

    Also does anyone know where to find a solid privacy statements and terms and agreements wordings that would let me share information such as email addresses with sponsors? right now I'm just using others.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    search the forum for samples and copies, try the
    advanced search feature (top left) and go to downloads....
    i am nearly sure there are some decent ones there,but check the date
    and level of relevance to your particular requirements.

    generally speaking, you will get some people / members who will offer advice -
    often great advice - but when it comes to legal matters, no one will really want to guide you totally, for fear of giving you wrong avdice, so be carefull, and use due diligence.

    as a background read, there are several discussions (threads) in the BHW forum about similar matters, so go read the ones which are most relevant to you....
    this will help you narrow down / calrify your situation, before using uncle googgllee.

    good luck