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    So, i uploaded a full album of an artist (All songs) and i pitched it.
    After 2 days someone copied the audio of the songs and made a new video with an other picture to the music.
    My question is now should i submit a copyright complaint ? And if yes which option should i use (Video Reuploaded by other user, My Orginal Song, Other)
    The music material is actually copyrighted but because i changed it a little bit it is not shown as 3rd party content on youtube.

    I used the Copyright Complaint option like 6 month ago but someone reuploaded the full video and it got taken down, but now he changed the picture on the video.

    So what should i do ? He makes 3x more clicks then me right now ... and we are talking bout good money low 3 Digits per Day.

    Please guys i need help
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