Copyright issues with banners?

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    Mornin, BHW. I was in Photoshop creating a banner for a new site I started up and I realized I'm actually pretty good at making them. This gave me the idea to start a service on Fiverr or something. Before my Photoshop skills were very well developed, I bought a banner from a similar service. The guy asked me what kind of images I would want on it, and I gave him some examples related to my niche. He put them together in a gradient and added some text. He didn't ask me to supply specific images, and it was only $5 so I'm pretty sure he didn't purchase stock photos. My question is, is that legal under US copyright law? There is this "derivative work" clause ( but I'm not sure if putting images together and adding a few gradients and someone's logo constitutes a new piece of work. That .pfd from the Copyright Office asks you to describe the "new material added" and "material excluded." There are tons of people selling banners and graphic design services who probably just use stuff from Google images. Is that legal? Could they be in trouble for using those pictures without permission? I just don't want someone to get sued because of a banner I designed for them, or be implicated myself. Thanks!