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    I'm interested in writing high quality copy sale types of articles, but I'm really new when it comes to IM and I am looking for some suggestions and platforms to offer this type of service.

    Here is a little about myself. Currently, I am in the middle of applying to law schools, with the hopes of someday practicing law. I am a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where I majored in philosophy. However, my story begins before my time at Berkeley.

    While in high school, I didn't quite know what I wanted to focus on, or major in when I got into college. I always saw myself as a general student of life. That is, I liked to think of myself as a Classical Man, Renaissance Man, or polymath. Because of that, I spread my focus across all the subjects offered. I excelled in all my classes, from science, math, and English, to the arts, history, and sports. While in high school I began classes at the local community college, to get a head start on my post-secondary education. Around this time, I left behind the subjects of chemistry and physics, and focused more on the liberal arts in general. During my first semester at the local community college, I was able to find an English professor that covered philosophic subjects with a heavy emphasis on writing, especially from an argumentative, or logical perspective. This, in many ways, paved the way for the years to follow.

    I continued taking as many classes offered by this professor, Professor Fletcher, because I enjoyed his teaching style and he turned me into a better writer. Although I can say that high school helped form my basic writing skills, it was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. With the help of Professor Fletcher, I was able to grow quite a bit in a short amount of time. After completing my two years of undergraduate studies at my community college, it was time to apply to four-year universities. Initially, during my time at the community college, I intended to major in English. This was due to taking so many classes from Professor Fletcher. I thought English was a perfect avenue to take. But I quickly realized that it was not so much English that ignited my interests in writing, but rather philosophy. Or better said, the content covered in my English classes were more philosophical in nature, than they were looking at literature for literature's sake. With that, I declared myself a philosophy major, and proceeded to apply to programs in the University of California school system. I applied to UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Berkeley. I got into all the schools, but it was a clear choice, Berkeley it was!

    My time taking English classes certainly helped form me into a competent writer, enough to gain acceptance into the most prestigious public university in America, and the World (according to US News and World Report rankings). But even my work thus far would not be enough to excel. The rigor of the program at Berkeley required a steep learning curve. Much work was needed to figure out how to write at the level required of philosophy students, especially at Berkeley. In my first semester, I formed the writing style required of us. It was a clear, easy to understand, and concise style that demanded attention, yet was effective in a subtle way. In the field of philosophy, many subjects were covered. Certainly, many topics were convoluted, but I enjoyed them. Writing on subjects I did not always enjoy, or was particularly proficient in taught me how to effectively write on not just things known to me closely, but those that required some research and stepping on of my comfort zone.

    As the adage goes, "all good things must come to end." And so it was with my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. In August of 2012 I parted ways with the school and continued to focus on my future. I made up my mind early in college that I would pursue a degree in law. Going the legal route was beneficial for me because law schools do not require a specific major as a condition for entrance to law school. This left me with many undergraduate options. But philosophy was the perfect fit. By attending a renowned university, it not only honed my skills in philosophy and writing, but it also set me apart in comparison to the other bachelor graduates out there.

    With the focus on law school, I spent this past year studying for the Law School Assessment Test, a grueling, half-day exam that consists of four sections. These sections included logic games, logical reasoning, reading comprehension and a writing sample. Much hinges on the LSAT, so it was an important hurdle to get over. The good news is that I took the exam in early October of this year! Now I can finish up my applications for law school.

    So, yeah that's pretty much my story. Feel free to ask me any questions or give suggestions.

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    Few suggestions from me:

    - You can buy a JR VIP and offer this type of service here, but you need to wait for at least 2 months plus 200+ quality posts.
    - If you really want to make quick money you can try fiverr.
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