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    Okay, It's late. I'm tired, but I want to help EVERYONE sell their sites for more with 1 tiny consideration in how you sell. So let me wrap this up already with THE most powerful short as shit piece of advice you will ever get.

    OFFER... MORE...

    When you take an asset to market, whether it's to a public marketplace, business listing site, advertising on your own, or offer an asset to you own list of qualified buyers... offer... more.

    There are MANY articles and VERY experienced flippers out there that will give you all the deets on how to get more bang for your buck in a marketplace, but NONE, I guarantee cold hard cash money down, none compare to this simple piece of advice here.

    If you have any kind of halfway decent asset to take to market, offer everything you can in the sale. The more you can include for "FREE" the higher the price will go up, the more people who'll have bidding, the more people will appreciate YOU as a seller.

    Give them the world, and intend on delivering! It's very full circle, give and you shall receive.

    Now, I told you already... this isn't anything new, but every single person under uses it. It CANNOT be over used.. I mean lol

    Here's some examples of things you can include on your next listing that I know will drive the bids up!

    -1 Fresh Social Media Accounts (Everything from Facebook to Pinterest)

    -1 Transfer .txt File (Organizes EVERYTHING in a single file backed up to the cloud!)


    -FREE Consultation: Lifetime

    -FREE Tech Support: Lifetime

    -FREE Training: Lifetime

    -FREE Hosting: Lifetime

    -FREE Domain: 1 Year

    -FREE Privacy Protection: 1 Year

    -$300 FREE Adveritising (Adwords, Bing, etc)

    -1 New Site

    -Premium Template Features UNLOCKED

    -$1000 guarantee in less than 6 months or your money back!

    -1 FREE Site for every $300 Bid.

    Again, I know this is NOTHING new for the Jr. VIPs ... I'm just trying to get the wheels spinning here before I go to bed.

    I'm going to post a most useful links, methods, free software, and users to follow thread soon look out for it!

    *EDIT: And let them know you're going to put EVERYTHING in contract and sign it at the time of sale
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