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    I know there are a thousand different ways to add images site wide to your wordpress blog, though I find this solution to be the best for me.

    1.) Add the Quick Adsense plugin.

    2.) Configure it where you want your images to show up (ie. after first paragraph, middle of post, end of post, etc)

    3.) Add the gallery shortcode [gallery] into the add spot you configured. Done!

    Now any image you attach to a post will show wherever you configured it in quick adsense. This is very useful when you want the seo benefits of images with alt and title text and are using adsense to monetize. You can quickly change where each individual post's images show up site wide and you can better split test your adsense ctr without worrying about images showing up next to an add block and violating adsense tos.

    Almost forgot

    If you add the Cleaner Gallery plugin as well, you can size the images and tell them where to link to site wide. Medium seems to be a very good size, but just depends on the width of the content part of your website.
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    I don't know about tis, i always add manually but i'll try this method.
    Thank you :)