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    Hi everyone,

    I was contacted by a new user, Shelley, who was having trouble posting this post. I agreed to post it for him. I told him to post after this, so if you want to ask questions, or give rep or thanks please give it to him, not me.

    Here's his post:

    I've been lurking, reading and learning from BHW for years now, and it would be an understatement to say I owe BHW and it's members a lot.
    I'd like to pay back with a little something I discovered to help you with CPA conversions. I know it's making a difference to my bottom line in just a few days. This post is not a small one, so only continue if you want to make money :)

    When we advertise our various CPA offers, we have to choose between linking straight to the offers landing page (can be done if the offer is not expensive and the landing page is good), creating our own landing pages, squeeze pages, etc etc.

    I've discovered another, very cool option which I'd like to share with you. There's a relatively new website, still in beta, called Slikk. Slikk has two very cool features. The first, which isn't very relevant to us, is a search engine which allows you to open any search result in an iframe on the right side. (Personally I have found it to be great, my searches definitely go quicker). The second one, is the ability to create online web content collections. Collections are similar to Pinterest boards, with two very big differences:

    1. each collection has the screen split in two, with the items on the left and an iframe on the right. Each item in the collection can be loaded into the iframe by clicking on it.
    2. In addition to images and videos, you can also store webpages in a collection! To see what this looks like just go to the slikk homepage, click on "go to collections" and click on the title of any of the collections to open that collection. You can click on any item to open that webpage in the iframe on the right.

    You can add items to a collection either through the site, or through their browser plugin, or (coolest) by doing a web search, and then adding the search results to a collection. For more info you can see the "about" link on the site.

    I contacted the owner of the site to ask if he had a problem with me putting CPA offers into a collection! Turns out he used to do CPA himself, and he's familiar with and has fond memories of BHW! In any case, he agreed to let me use Slikk collections as landing pages for CPA offers, but with a few caveats (see below).

    So, who cares? To me, the coolest thing about this is that
    1. I can put additional articles, pictures, whatever it is on the page together with my offer(s), raising the relevancy of the collection to the subject matter, and
    2. most importantly, we can put MULTIPLE offers on one page, thus greatly multiplying the chances of a conversion! Check the "deals" category on the site for examples.

    Let me give you a quick rundown of how this works:
    1. You go to the site and login through FB or Twitter, or you can signup from the login page.
    2. you click on "add" in the upper right of the screen and create a collection.
    3. Then you click on "add" again, choose "Collect from Web" and enter your offer url (see below for an important point on this), which you then add to your collection.
    That's it! Now you can go and repeat number 3 and add more offers to the same collection.

    There are a few important points to make here:

    1. The site is still in beta-testing, and doesn't have that many users, so you'll still have to send users there on your own. On several of my offers I have found it worth my while vs sending them straight to the offer or landing page, simply because I have multiple offers in the same collection, multiplying the chance someone will like one of them!

    2. When you "Collect from Web" (point 3 above) the site shows you the title and description of the page the same way the item will look in the collection. The site does this quickly by doing a client-side request to a Google api. This may work fine if you're sending people to your own landing page, but if you want to add the CPA offer page itself to your collection by entering your CPA network shortened link, you'll have a problem, as these aren't direct links. When I mentioned this to the owner of the site he was kind enough make me an alternate server-side grab, which is a tad slower, but follows all the url redirects and gets the right page/info. This is NOT enabled site-wide, as it's a little slower, but if you send him an email at info at slikk and tell him your username on the site he'll enable it for your account. Then when you grab an item you'll have a checkbox with the option to use the server-side alternative which works with CPA network links.

    3. As you may know, many CPA offer pages have iframe breakers. When Slikk encounters an iframe breaker it gives you the option to load the site in Slikk anyway. but if you prefer, the owner can enable for you the ability to have items open in a separate tab in your browser instead of in the iframe (just ask him by email if you want this ability)
    4. The owner is very insistent that the site not start looking spammy. So he asks that a) Not more than 50% of the items in a collection should be cpa offers, so if you put three offers, have three other connected images, videos or webpages there, and b) that the title of the collection should not be spammy ("Get free iphone!" is a nono).

    HOWEVER, if you want, when you create your collection, choose the "Slikk deals" category for the collection, and then the two aforementioned conditions don't apply. So you can make a collection with just CPA offers if you want. However, these collections wont show up on the front page (which isn't really a big deal, as right now the site doesn't have masses of users anyway)

    5. If you choose the non-"deals" option, make sure that the last item in your collection is not one which has an iframe breaker, so people going to the homepage don't get hit with the iframe breaker alert.

    And finally, the owner of the site would appreciate any beta feedback.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you to Phil99 for posting this for me. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'll try to help if I can.
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