Convert your links into embeddable content.

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    Embedly, Inc. provides a service which makes every URL on the internet embeddable for any website or web application in which it is posted. Currently, we serve over 500,000 embeds per day to over 200 sites.

    Embedly works on the notion that links do not engage users unless they have relevant content around them. There are numerous links moving quickly through the internet everyday via social media and news sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Reddit. Click-thru rates are being reduced as the amount of links multiply.

    Embedly is able to turn links into relevant content which users want in various web applications ranging from websites and blogs to forums and social media sites. When using Embedly a typical Amazon link is transformed into an interesting embedded product listing complete with an image, price and rating. A link to CNN becomes a video, a Flickr link an image, and a Foursquare link a map and venue listing.

    Embedly markets a free embedding service to all sites and provides many simple integration points and tools which allow any web site, social media application or blog to embed links from more than 100 providers. Twitter and Facebook users post over 50 million links per day. The need to provide embedded content has and will continue to increase substantially as the internet explodes with Social Media links.