Convert partial feed to full, then use keywords to filter?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by xwindowuser, Jun 7, 2010.

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    I'm testing out Autoblogged and so far I like it. Except for one thing, it doesn't do full feeds to I have had to use other services to create the full feed url and then use that url.

    However when you put in your own url into the field in autoblogged's RSS module, you can't then use keywords to filter irrelevant content.

    So I've tried hard coding the feed into the source of autoblogged, which works ok, but unless you know the operative for for the end of the code string in the autoblog code, you can't use keywords against it.
    for instance here is a piece already in there:
    $url = ''.$data;
    but the
    doesn't work for the next string that I entered and tried using:
    $url = ''.$data;
    so my question to you is how are you pulling full feeds and then using then and filtering irrelevant content?

    I tried using pipes but that's too cumbersome and I couldn't get it to work with CNN's rss correctly. and after several hours of trying I rought I would post here.

    example of a post topic is the Joran Van Der Sloot murders. I was trying to create a feed that I would import and then filter it so only those with vander sloot in them would come through, but again I am having no luck.



    I've tried several fo the full feed converters so feel free to suggest somethign that you might thing will work.

    I have also tried wp-robot and pulled in a feed but the filter keywords don't seem to be having an effect on it.