Conversion rate or is this way how to get new customers ?

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    If you do not experience this kind of stuff in your business, just imagine:

    - You have made a small business, corner shop, running e-commerce website with low visitors
    - If there are any visitors, there's really bad conversion rate

    What's your next step ? You don't want to fail, stop your business. Ok, i am gonna make an Facebook ad and promote my business. With low experience skills, targeting and other stuff around internet marketing this solution doesn't work as well as i expected.

    On the other hand, there's coming an idea. I will create awesome offer for my products, great photos, information (better than my e-commerce site, cheaper and easier). I will use a website, which gather demands, requests from customers and have more visitors. In the result, they will promote and register my products, i will get information about what customers search for, what they want and in the result, there's more space to contact them and it will result in a better conversion rate. Time saving, easy steps.

    Does the second option sound good for you ? What do you think.
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    Getting It
    Always start with the product in mind. If your visitors are not converting, then they don't feel they are getting enough value from you...

    Start from the ground up and reposition your brand, and then push on social media.
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