Conversion Percentage Issue, Clickjacking?

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    May 19, 2015
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    I have been advertising health and beauty products for over 3 years and mostly on facebook. Over the past month we have been dealing with a conversion issue problem. This is nothing to do with the offer or the networks we run with because we have tested over 50 offers through 8 networks. For argument sake, lets say that our average CVR for step one is around 7% after a few hours it drops to 3%. If we change the offer link or ad a new presell or the same presell our CVR will jump back up to 7% and drop again round 50%. All the networks have showed me their other pubs stats and they are converting at the 7% range where we should be converting at. It is almost like we are getting clickjacked and the offer clicks are being replaced with fake clicks, however I don't know how someone can clickjack us if the pages we are using the ones we built out ourselves.

    If any one has any opinions, insight or suggestions please me let know, Thanks.
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    Nice to meet you & welcome to bhw community forum