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    Ok guys I've done the music thing for a very long time. My city knows of me and I've done some huge shows, like method man and snoop doggs shows. I'm sharing my ideas and asking you guys to add. itll help everyone

    FriendBlaster was amazing, but very slow and the updates were annoying. Every 2 days they would update. Putter did an amazing job patching but people got annoying and it was just very very tiring to keep up. My pick is a program called Easy Adder. It doesnt load pictures and gets through the captchas faster if you are typing them yourself, you can also pay certain teams of people to type it for you. very useful.

    My strategy was to figure out who i was marketing my music to, which was 18-25 yr old females whom i extracted off of other music profiles, people whose music resembled mines. I used "my friends manager" to filter that for me.

    I would always send a RQest with a message, NOTHING spammy (like check out my music), always use something catchy. like "damn we have a lot in common". use the auto bulletin feature in a smart way, put it to blast once a day and always delete the old bulletins from the previous day.

    hyper link EVERY picture on your page to your MAIN site. for example. itll recycle your own views and move some traffic. I always make a new blog too, every week, it keeps people in the loop.

    always check out who you are adding or your new friends, check to see if they have a lot of friends. if they do get on good terms with them and get them to TOP list you and to post a bulletin IF you get that close to them. it helps a lot

    last tip is to cross promote with your own youtube, bulletin your youtube links on myspace and shout out your own myspace on your youtube vids, use a youtube blaster and post your videos in replys to videos that get a lot of plays!

    add anything else you guys know of and enjoy!! thanks for all the black hat tutorials im tryin my best how to start making some cash.