Contracts and Legal Document templates - (resource)

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    I'll start this off by saying this is probably analysis paralysis. I should probably be working at finding clients, rather than worrying about what kind of contract I'm going to use for my 1st client.

    I lurked in the 7878 Method thread and a handful of the other popular threads. I registered a company about 1 month ago, started making a list of potential local clients for web design and ORM, but haven't made any contacts yet. No cold calling, no in-person visits, no emails, no mailouts yet.

    In a random search, I found rocketlawyerDOTcom (sorry, can't post URLs yet). With my virtually non-existent Internet Marketing experience, it seems like a nice place to get basic legal documents. It seems to be mainly for US businesses, the site asks you various questions about the contract/document that you want to create and spits out a complete document, ready to sign.

    You're going to need a credit card to sign up for their free 7-day trial. Cancel before the 7 days is up and you can grab as many templates as you want. $40/month after the trial. If I had an established company, it might be worth it. Too worried about keeping my startup costs low right now.

    I am not associated with rocketlawyer...I just keep on seeing people ask for examples of contracts and thought this might be a good source.