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    I am the creator of - software solution that helps forum owners manage content writers posting natural looking content in the forums. With, forum owners get an army of people who register in their forums and chat with one another, making it look like real people talking about real things on the forum, related to forum's subject matter. There no difference between content writers from and real forum visitors engage in conversations. helped many forums to go from zero to huge presence in Google and lots and lots of organic traffic.

    As affiliate, you will get 2 points credited for each registered forum post, does not matter who is the writer, can be thousands and if you bring in content writer, you will get 2 points credited for each post done by the writer, regardless of the forum. We will monitor and give you reports of your affiliate earnings. There no minimum to withdraw. Payments via PayPal, instantly. Each point equals $0.01. We have many people who do absolutely nothing, helping us spread the word around the web with their affiliate links and just sit back and collect money. Here is proof of payment: