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Content Strategy for Twitter

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Olovarno, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Olovarno

    Olovarno Junior Member

    Jan 19, 2010
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    Hi guys!

    I'd like to share a simple strategy to generate and publish enough content in your Twitter accounts. It'll require following softwares:
    1. Content generator
    I use Kontent Machine with The Best Spinner (for texts) and Stencil (for images). Some other options are: SEO Content Machine, Article Insights, Word AI, PLR articles and pictures etc.
    2. Distribution platform
    I use CrowdFire (for main accounts) and FollowLiker (some times). Other options: Twuffer (free!), MassPlanner, Buffer (free or paid), HootSuite etc.


    That's simple: first, generate all content you need. For texts, I use a content scraper and spin it - I recommend you spin it manually or at least review it if you are generating content for your main accounts. For pictures, I can select phrases on the web and, using Stencil extension, create a new picture for my niche. You should generate at least 150 ~ 200 phrases and 50 pictures.

    Next step is scheduling all content generated. If you use FollowLiker, it's very easy - read FL tutorial to learn more -, if you are using CrowdFire you need copy and paste each phrase / text, but CrowdFire chooses better time to publish it (it's a great feature). You can do it with Twuffer too, but you need choose day and time for each tweet and it doesn't work with pictures. Tip: If you don't have FollowLiker or other paid tool, you can use CrowdFire and Twuffer to schedule for free. Twuffer permits to schedule up to 200 text tweets and I don't know CrowdFire limitations, but it probably have too. So you can use one to schedule texts and other to schedule pictures. My tweet profile:
    1. 33% "only text", 33% "text and picture", 33% "only picture";
    2. 10%~20% retweets;
    3. 0~2 hashtags;
    4. 25%~50% with links.

    The most important thing: discipline. You need great content in your niche to attract your audience. Research relevant keywords and scrape much content, spin manually (or review) and schedule, schedule, schedule. You need great content for a long time - I try to schedule content for one month or more.
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