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    Feb 3, 2010
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    This is a FREE tool that is in beta right now. I have been very impressed with it compared to other free spinners out there. If you don't want to pay for The Best Spinner or others, this may be your best option. It is web based, so just sign-up, login and use it!

    It can spin the whole article with one click, or you can do it word/phrase by word/phrase if you'd like to make it perfectly readable.

    Its not perfect, still being developed so the user generated thesaurus for synonyms is still a little weak, but it does improve everyday. I guess thats why its free for now, so they can get us to help build the synonym base and work any bugs out.

    Anyway, thought it was good enough to share! (No, its not mine!), actually someone here mentioned it in another thread awhile back and I've been playing with it since.

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    I joint it few days ago,But how can it spin the whole article with one click?