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    Hi Guys,
    I am new to BHW - I have used it as a reference in the past as a lurker, and am currently doing some fiverr reselling for an AWESOME niche that is completely untapped.

    However I had an even bigger brainwave the other day, again - totally untapped potential but I need help to make it work.

    So in true cryptic fashion without giving anything away the scenario would be:

    I can provide a service, that could potentially go to astronomical proportions, as the niche is so open - but it costs me about 50cents personally per person.

    Person #1 Wants the service.
    This costs me $0.50
    I want $1.00, so I make $0.50 Profit

    I have looked at PPD and content locking, but the surveys required to complete don't quite cut the $1.00 mark.
    More concerning is, if the end user requests the service, I have to spend the $0.50 to place the information on the content locking site - if they don't complete the survey, I lose the $0.50

    What other ways can I get money, other than requesting Person #1 actually sending me money? - which is something that I want to avoid.

    Are there no content locking sites that require the user to watch a 5 minute advert or something? - that would be better than endless surveys that IMO hardly ever release the locked content. (grr!)
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    Content locking is about content locking no watching. try to find another offer that's gonna have better ePC