Content Locking or Not ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by k1112, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Hi fellow BHW, I got a site for downloading games and software

    When I first started the site and in about 2 weeks I am building around 2k unique visits a day, during that time I have no content locking because I just want to build up the traffic first.

    So now I have placed content lockers in it and my traffic dropped about 60% and and there aren't much conversion rate also. The traffic is declining everyday,

    I know CPM ads are ok for users but the earnings are way too low.

    I see other bigger wares or movie streaming site that have like a invisible link and when you click on anywhere in the page it pops an ad kinda thing but I am not sure how much money that would bring in

    what are your suggestions on this ? should I keep content locking and just keep pushing the traffic for bringing in new visitor ?

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    Hi K112,

    I would build a following first. Get to the point where you have a lot of return visitors that way you know there will be consistent traffic going forward.
    Then, what you can do is begin to selectively lock premium content. Don't lock every game or download but just a few here and there that are special.

    I highly recommend checking where you can find a lot of great tutorials to help you along your way.

    Content Locking can be extremely effective and in the right circumstances, it can blow other monetization methods out of the water, but its a double edged sword. When not used optimally, it can hurt the UX for your visitors and choke off traffic. In your case, building up traffic and using locking selectively is the way to strike a good balance.