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    Jan 20, 2010
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    I recently just purchased the BlackHatCodeBreaker V4

    I must say it is actually a nice piece of software.

    I've successfully familiarized my self with all the features and capabilities of this product by reading the instructions ebook

    However I have a quick question that I've been stumped with, even after spending extensive time researching this forum and going through all the instructions in the ebook

    I still have not figured out a key feature that I'm curious if or if not Blackhatcodebreaker V4 has

    My question is

    Is it possible to have a website with multiple pages with content lockers,

    however besides having the same cpa offers/ links in EACH content locker.

    I would prefer to simply have each page on the website with a content locker have different cpa offers

    Ex: 1

    Mydomain.com/Web page 1

    Best Buy gift card
    Home Depot gift card
    Walmart gift card

    Ex: 2
    Mydomain.com/Web page 2:

    Plasma TV email submit
    Laptop email submit

    As you can see both these pages are on my website however I'm simply trying to put distinctive offers on each page

    Also my website is not a Word Press, it is a Static website

    Thanks for anybody help

    BHW> WF and DP combined