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Content lock as starting point.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Vinzen, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Vinzen

    Vinzen Newbie

    Apr 1, 2012
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    My name is Vincent and Iam Dutch.

    General information

    Although I am spick-and-span new to the black hat SEO community, I am somewhat experienced at earning money online. For many years I have made money online creating websites and selling them, or buying websites and selling them. I am advanced at HTML and regular at CSS & PHP.

    But it is my most recent project that has driven me to this forum, I've made a website where you are able to buy software to unlock you mobile phone. I felt drawn to instaid of selling the website, using adsense to promote the website and see how many sells I could made. It turned out that for every €100 I spend at adsense, I would make about ~€220 in sales on a monthly basis. I tried to increase the investment from €100 to €200, but the sales stayed the same.

    Building a empire

    So I though I would start my new black hat SEO empire with one or multiple content lock websites. I've got a couple of questions for you guys;

    ♦ Is a/multiple content lock website(s) a good start?
    --> What method should be used to promote these website(s)?

    ♦ Should I hire a VPS to promote the website(s)?
    --> What tools should I buy to use the VPS?
    --> Buy backlinks instaid of VPS?

    ♦ Should I start with something els then content lock? Please share your option.

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!


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