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    I need content for my new dating site. Can anyone help?
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    1. Go to find a HIGH Google indexed dating related page
    2. Go to google type
    3. Click the cache button and copy page content

    1.Go to godaddy auctions find a site with bids and dating related
    2.Wait for them to upload their site
    3. Copy whole site up load to your hosting and index as many pages as possible before the org webmaster can.

    1.Go to the webarchive
    2. Find a Previous dating site
    3.Copy text articles from old web archive and use as your own

    1. Go to flippa
    2. Find a Word press dating site
    3. Download it worpdress files
    4. Check every day until the auction is over and a 301 redirect appears or w/e
    5 upload word press files to your own site replace ads and links
    6. Find out if the redirect is www. and .domain if it only redirects the www or just .domain PING THE HELLO OUT OF THE one that is not indexed showing google the site is down and deindexing some pages