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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by muscleteen, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Can anyone recommend a good theme geared towards "Content Curation"? The only specific theme I found is this:

    Watch the vid. It's AWESOME, but the price is a bit steep :(

    Any other alternative (cheaper, free or simply more awesome!)?
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    We created Curation Traffic mentioned above and thanks for the awesome, we've focused on building something that rocks for curation and being a reader of this forum of a few years helped put in some stuff that helps in search. I can't add much about the price though, we had to find a way to monetize what we've built and the price point converts well for us, although we do have a great affiliate program.

    Here's a few options some paid some not, some pretty awesome:
    • CurationSoft - they have free version you can use
    • Storify has a plugin (check that out it is okay), although they way they implement it I'd be surprised if it helps in search at all
    • Dashter -paid (like this one and we will most likely add some features like they have with our spin and concept of curation), this is the one I like the best outside of ours of course :cool:
    • PageOneCreator - this one just released (or we just started using it a few weeks ago), we've used it a bit on a few sites, it's good but cumbersome and has a few updates before I add the "awesome" tag to it. Paid as well.
    • G Alert Plugin - just saw this the other day but watching the video it looks like something looking into, but haven't used it so don't know how well it works. It's paid as well though.

    I'd also add that our version of curation is short form, IE you see one piece of content and you have one point of commentary you would like to add to that. The things I mention above are what I consider long form curation. We are moving towards that solution but right now we've (and others) have seen success in both conversions and traffic with the one off approach.

    Not that many free options though but the above are below our price point... although I'd add that we kind of rock and not sure if the others do so that might be something to consider... thanks for the mention and if we come across other options I'll update it here.
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    Can CurationTraffic be used with other themes. I have a number of site I would like to use these features on but they already have existing themes?
    How about a discount for BHW members?