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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by dennis_797, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    Hi everyone!

    I've been doing some web design since I found this site, so I'm confident I can make a nice looking site. I've enjoyed the web design, but rather than build a site for someone else to grow and make money from I have decided its perhaps time for me to have a go myself!

    I've decided blogging is a good place to start. I'm wanting to start a blog which I guess would fall under the dating/seduction community (though I want to get away from the creepy side as much as possible!) which I understand is fairly competitive. Even so I think I have some good information I'd like to get out into the world which will hopefully help some guys out there, so although my goal is to make money, it is something I'd enjoy blogging about so I'm happy to fight in a competitive marketplace.

    I had a query regarding the readership. In your opinion is it better to have a wide range of UV or a strong loyal readership?

    For example, site A has 500 UV each day, and each person visits that site every single day. Site A therefore has 500 monthly UV.
    On the otherhand site B has 50 UV each day and each person visits the site twice a month. Site B therefore has 750 monthly UV. (50*30/2)

    I guess what I'm saying is is it more important to please your regular readers (build a strong relationship so they are more likely to buy from you) or to focus on attracting new readers who only check back every now and then (less likely to buy, but marketing to a larger group).

    Is there a guideline to how much each person on your list should be worth per month? I read $1 per person on your list per month, but is that realistic or perhaps too ambitious? Should I be setting targets for the number of people I sign up for my list month by month?

    Any advice would be awesome! Thanks all
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    Hi there! I think you should prioritize on providing quality content first before thinking about counting daily or monthly visitors. The more valuable your content, the greater is the chance for it to attract visitors. Maybe when you have established your reputation, then you can make your next move whatever it might be. :)
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    quality content is paramount, this will lead to more visitors as your site is discussed by others