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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by eyerish, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I am considering a joint venture for my t-shirt/screen printing business. I have had this business since 2007 and it started out as a clothing line. Over time, I have developed this into a printing/embroidery service for companies, fraternities, teams, etc (anyone really). I have done my business on a national level and have focused almost entirely on direct sales. I have selectively emailed and called clients to generate all of my business. This method has been very successful, but I got lazy and relied on a few major clients to pay my bills. Their orders have slowed down and I simply need to develop my online presence in a more dominating manner.

    I have a website that I have used in the background, but it has never really generated traffic for me. I have always known what it takes to get this done and have been stubborn and insisted on doing it myself. It seems I have been talking and talking about this and have never really finished. I have been avoiding a partner on this because I thought I could handle it alone, but I've come to realize that my tech/seo skills are really holding me back and a percentage of something is MUCH better than a percentage of nothing.

    My domain name is not a keyword is a brand name from 2007. I still haved a few clients, but money is not coming in at the moment. I have all the contacts necessary. I have a cheap screen printer and embroiderer. I have accounts to get apparel anywhere I want. I know this business from all angles...I just need clients. This is a great business and lots of fun at times. I love it because I make something that I can see and feel like I am part of their events/organizations in a way.

    My outlook for this business is quite profitable. There is one 10,000 pound gorilla who I have enjoyed taking business from and the majority of this business is generated by many many small players. There is a ton of money to be made in this business if targeted correctly and my plans are pretty optimistic.

    If you like what you read and have the skills to help us take this to the next level...send me a pm...I would love to chat with you about it.
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    I owned a retail T-shirt shop and did screen printing 20+ years ago. It was a fun business. I wish I'd had the ability to sell over the internet back then. Always made more money from custom printing for groups than from retail in the store, and never did have a great way to promote bulk orders. I did some retail mail order with a few specific shirt designs by advertising in niche magazines just to see how it would do. Not bad, but I wasn't on the ball enough to have anything else to sell to those customers.
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    I can help you buy being your supplier for blank T-s. (Family Owned factory)

    PM me your quantity you buy monthly and price range per T.