Concept One-Way & 4-Way Link Exchange – please “destroy” it.

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    Hello Community,

    Can you tell me if this Strategy is a valid strategy or if this will cause problems like 2way and 3way link exchange?

    One way Link Exchange

    Webmaster one (me) have two sites. One Website (A) is an established site which ranks well and has decent metrics.
    Another website is brand new and need to get links in order to rank.
    Webmaster 1 is approaching webmaster 2 for a link exchange as followed:

    One-way Link Exchange.JPG

    Website A Link to Website B from Webmaster 2 and Webmaster 2 ? instead of doing 2way Link Exchange - now link to Website C from Webmaster 1. If Webmaster 1 makes sure that there will be NO connection between Website A and C ? is there any way how google can figure out that there was in fact a link exchange going on?

    4 way - Another way to do link exchange?

    4way Link Exchange.JPG

    Webmaster 1 is approaching Webmaster 2 again. Just now webmaster 2 have two different websites with similar metrics.
    Website A links to Website B. As an exchange Webmaster 2 links from a 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Website (C) to Webmaster 1 second website.
    Naturally Webmaster 2 has interlinked his websites. If Webmaster 1 makes sure that Website A and D are not connected to each other. Is there a way how google can spot this Link Exchange?

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