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    I'm thinking about getting a new laptop. I don't want a desktop because I need to be mobile. Need some suggestions on what to buy or hardware you guys would recommend.

    For sure I want

    Under $1,000

    ssd hdd (Size doesn't matter)
    i5 or AMD Equivlent Processor
    4GB of DDR3 RAM or better
    17" screen

    I'd settle for a 15" if I can get all the other hardware and only sacrifice the screen.


    As internet marketers you know the type of programs I'd likely run. None of them would be 24/7 but mostly multitasking type stuff. Keyword tools, Scrapebox, GSA, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, multiple internet tabs, youtube etc.

    Not looking for blazing fast, instant response type of box, just something that's decent.

    Any links to deals online or recommendations are appreciated.