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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Adowning703, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Hey Guys

    Just wondering how you guys compress your videos. With the HMA VPN I only get about 60-70kbps upload MAX and i'm uploading a 10mb, 12mb and a 20mb video to 60 accounts, total 180 videos. How can I compress these to the lowest size without losing much/any quality. They're currently in MP4 format and rendered with Camtasia. I've tried putting them in FLV format, doesn't lose much file size and quality is horrible! I've tried uploading the MP4 to YouTube and re-downloading as FLV but this just chops 600-700KB from the video which isn't much of a difference. Hoping to reduce each file size by half with minimal/no quality loss.

    Adam Downing