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    Hi there,
    Thank you for actually taking the time to read this and even better if you help. I have a gaming/blog channel. I have around 109 subscribers. I am trying to stay as natural as possible as money is not the top priority for me. Although making in the future may be. I hVe bought views and a few subs before but nothing really happened.

    Question time.
    1. All this talk of keywords, can someone else this? Are they the same as tags and is there a trick to doing it?

    2. Best ways or growing and being noticed? I do social network and whatnot and have gotten a bit of traffic via that but anything I am missing?

    3. Is there anything I can do (back stage wise) that isn't on screen to boost myself a little more without look suspicious?

    I cant think of anymore questions but if you are still reading and have anything else you can tell me I'd greatly appreciate it. Really thank you guys!
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    1. Keywords; so depending on what you write in your title and whether you include a specific title (maybe with a brand name or product name), then the video will get more/less views depending on what people are searching. Google Keywords Tool is always useful for titles with good keywords and descriptions.

    2. Social Networking sites, forums, lots of blogs with your videos or articles. The quality of traffic will depend on your contant in a blog/post and your videos, so that's up to you.

    3. You could register your own domain name and start creating a brand for yourself and get your brand name starting to rank in the search engines to get more traffic.

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