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    Jan 13, 2012
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    I've been searching the threads about tutorials on making MNS sites. I would very much like to make one but I feel completely overwhelmed with all the information I've read. I read about doing specific things with a site such as backlinking and ping sites which I do not completely understand but is not as important to me as learning how to make a site. What I am asking is if anyone can point me to a tutorial for a complete noob that knows nothing about using wordpress and buying domain and hosts and actually how to make a site with certain templates. I don't want to make a site and have it not work for me because I did not know about hl1 hl2 hl3 and putting keywords in certain places.
    This is going to help me a ton in actually getting started just please don't tell me to search on this site when I have for weeks(Again because everytime I search for tutorials it feels like all the tutorials people graciously make skip the part where I actually have to learn how to crawl and goes straight to teaching how to walk. I read every single post people make to try to make sense of it all but it leads to hours of wasted time with nothing to show for it which leads to my disappointment).

    I've been upset with the way my life has been going. I just feel from reading literally hundreds and hundreds of posts that somehow I can become successful in a way I think suits my current, dismal lifestyle. Thanks again.