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    Nov 24, 2015
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    Hi all

    Having studied for 10 years to qualify as an accountant and finally doing it 3 months ago, I thought Internet Marketing could be my next challenge. I tried some white label dating sites a few months ago but didn?t really get anywhere with it financially. However this gave me some grounding on creating websites and driving traffic to it.

    I am hoping to go into the personal finance/make money online niche. Got a lot of time at the minute so I?m gonna devote it all to this. Also this goes hand in hand with my qualification so I think this suits me well. This is gonna come from the viewpoint of helping people financially which I am hoping is gonna be in great demand

    There is an SEO meetup here in Manchester, UK which I went to a few days ago. Learnt a load so will buy a domain and get going in the near future.

    Will look forward to speaking to you and your helpful advice