Complete guide on long tail keywords


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Oct 9, 2009
To meet our audience through our websites, we have to think about the keywords they might search and reach to us. Keywords are the essential features for any websites to have traffic directly or indirectly.

Search engines like Google always has been strengthening and focusing on different tactics to give power to the keywords.

Introduction to long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords are the long set of words that refers to be a distinct set of topic. Long tail keywords are not having high density traffic like short tail keywords that comprises only in 2 to 4 words.

Long tail keywords are the phrases that are having very low in traffic. Don’t take it as the bad side for you because working with the long tail keywords means having less competition than to high traffic keywords.

So, if you are launching a website you can start working with the long tail keywords for a quick success.


Olympics 2020 will be held in which city

What is the capital of Australia?

In fact, when you type anything in Google it starts helping you with long tail keywords.

Where to look for long tail keywords?


1. Ask the Google

The easiest way to find the long tail keywords is by using Google auto fill. Open and type the niche of the long tail keywords you're looking for.

Once you type Google will show you a lot of long tail keywords related to your topic. Choose what you like!

These long tail keywords are the real phrases Google tells us what people keep searching for. This way you can save your lot precious time hunting for keywords.


2. Google Adwords keywords planner

This is another most important tool from where you can hunt your niche long tail keywords. I simply believe,

"No one can tell you better than Google"

Keywords planner is dedicated tool and quite accurate to look for you niche long tail keywords. Working with the keyword planner gives you pretty easy method to have your keyword also you can check the stats of the long tail keywords. E.g. traffic, competition, etc,


3. Google's related searches

When you search for your targeted keyword, below the search bar you can see related searches that are made from the users. These are the natural result collected and shared to the end users.

You can use these long tail keywords to your website.

4. Ubersuggest

This is another great tool to find long tail keywords for your niche blog. The environment is pretty easy for this tool. You simply put any topics and there you will see a broad result of the long tail keywords.

You will also have access to traffic volume, CPC, density of traffic, etc,


5. LSI graph keyword generator

LSI graph keyword is basically not a keyword detecting tool but it is implemented to discover similar keywords to a targeted keyword.

LSI (Latent semantic indexing) terms and phrases discover and meet you the terms and phrases that are quite similar to the keyword you made search for. The keywords identified from the LSI generator can help your Meta keywords.

It may take you time to generate adequate long tail keywords for your website but soon you will become not only expert but fond of this amazing tool.
Thanks, but if you write how to use them, the guild will be complete as the title says. E.g. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Optimization - the real one wich using long tail keywords (but not synonyms as the post in searchengine journal consider).

Also how to understand if some of these long tail keyword is really low competitive? There have tons of really low competitive even some tools showing they are hard and have some really hard, when the tools shows they are easy.
One trick from me - check the top 10 competitors of the main keyword e.g. "running shoes" , than check the top 10 competition for the long tail keyword you target e.g. "what are the best long distance running shoes" - if none of the competitors for the main keyword are ranked for that long tail, means the long tail is really low competitive (will not go deep in explanation for this).
I agree!
I didn't put how to use them. Maybe soon i will put the details about it.
And thank you for putting up your thought and the trick you've mentioned.
that is first step to find long tail kws, but you can't say those long tail kws have low competition as well, for that you have to check them manually like my friend told you above but it's better to check them via paid tool as well and then after checking them via paid tools and manually you can look into that statistic and choose the really low competition long tail kws as your main kws.
Some long tail may have great traffic but not all long tail keyword should have. So, speaking in general long tail said to be low traffic.
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