Complete Guide How To Setup Your Own Proxy Server By Nickk

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    For anyone that does not know me I am Nickk owner of UltraVpsBox hosting company.

    Wanted to post this guide on my 500th post but due to lack of time I wasn't able to, but this is the time now.

    So I will try to show you how you can setup your own proxy server and administrate it as per your request.
    If you are tired to pay for proxies that are misconfigured or not working at all I think this will help you.

    For installation you will need

    - Linux VPS
    - Number of IP's as per your request
    - Proxy server as software
    - Fairly good knowledge of Linux

    Choosing Linux VPS

    The good thing with proxy server is that it does not need a powerful VPS to run. Actually it is depending on the number of proxies you will have on VPS but a VPS with 1GB RAM will surely fit most of you.
    Speed of VPS does not really care you since you will get surprised even with a 10Mpbs connection. Of course if you get a 1gb connection vps you will have better ping results.

    TIP: Before you select your hosting company ask them to give you an IP to test the ping replies ( Test results depending mostly from where you live)


    Another big factor for choosing your hosting company is the cost of the IP.
    Prices are from 0.75$ up to 2$ per IP per month. It is very very difficult to find something cheaper than this and reliable.

    TIP: DO NOT choose ip's from same C subnet

    Proxy server as software

    Talking about http proxy the best solution here is squid. It is reliable, stable with many functionality . And of course talking for linux it is FREE.
    There is also a Squid windows version but I would not suggest anyone to run a proxy server on Windows.
    ISA server wasn't always the best choice.

    So, having our VPS, IP's and our proxy software we can go on.

    For VPS OS I would suggest CentOS. It is the free option of RedHat. OS which made to host servers software programs.
    Hosting company will provide you with SSH login (terminal).
    Many would find it difficult to work on SSH but there is always the solution.

    You have 2 options, either install via SSH FReeNX - You can find a complete guide, It is actually copy-paste job.
    After this you will be able to log in on your Linux box as you connect on Windows with RDP.

    Second or additional solution is to install Webmin. Webmin is a simply module which just make your life easier by giving you a GUI for many programs that are installed in your linux box as Mysql, Apache, and guess Squid - Complete guide is again copy-paste work

    Once you have connect on your VPS via SSH or FreeNX or Webmin then you need less than 2 minutes to install squid complete guide

    Actually is just a command.

    You will have to work with just one file, squid.conf which obvisouly is the configuration file of squid.

    Following above simply how to the only left to do is to add in squid.conf file the ip's you did rent from hosting company at squid.conf

    It is relatively simple and will find many how to on net.
    It is something like this

    acl ip1 myip xx.xx.xx.01
    acl ip2 myip xx.xx.xx.02
    acl ip3 myip xx.xx.xx.03
    tcp_outgoing_address xx.xx.xx.01 ip1
    tcp_outgoing_address xx.xx.xx.02 ip2
    tcp_outgoing_address xx.xx.xx.03 ip3
    where xx.xx.xx.01 obviously the ip you got from hosting company

    Finally if you want to make your proxies ELITE anonymous you will have just to copy paste the following code in squid.conf and then restart it

    forwarded_for off
    Add this to #Miscellanous
    header_access Allow allow all
    header_access Authorization allow all
    header_access Cache-Control allow all
    header_access Content-Encoding allow all
    header_access Content-Length allow all
    header_access Content-Type allow all
    header_acccess Date allow all
    header_access Expires allow all
    header_access Host allow all
    header_access If-Modified-Since allow all
    header_access Last-Modified allow all
    header_access Location allow all
    header_access Pragma allow all
    header_access Accept allow all
    header_access Accept-Enncoding allow all
    header_access Accept-Language allow all
    header_access Content-Language allow all
    header_access Mime-Version allow all
    header_access Cookie allow all
    header_access Set_Cookie allow all
    header_access Retry-After allow all
    header_access Title allow all
    header_access Connection allow all
    header_access Proxy-Connection allow all
    header_access All deny all
    header_replace User-Agent anonymous

    This is it. You have your own proxy server with NO cap limits and sure that only you use it.

    There are some more 'advanced' features as limit access at squid only from 1 IP, or add ncsa authentication so that every proxy has user/pass which you can find easily by searching on net. There are tons of how to.

    What I actually tried to do here is to give a solution on persons that have a good knowledge of Linux to install their own proxy server and for others who are noob on Linux to somehow give them a picture of what exactly is this 'proxies' all are talking about.

    I hope I did it successfully


    Cost of Installation

    - Linux VPS around 25USD
    - 10 IPs x1$ per month 10USD

    So total 35 USD per month for 10 proxies.

    Conclusion : MY OWN opinion is that good proxies are COSTLY.
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    City of Lost Heaven
    nice tutorial :p

    if i had money to spend right now , a proxy provider could be an awsome idea :p

    one quesiton : i have dynamic ip at home , can i create a proxy server and use 1000 ip's?
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    I'm not do any job yet, I work at www.blackpointfo
    Home Page:

    I have same problem,
    Can I create proxy server to use 100 IPs???
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    Can we buy and own our own server racks for this ?
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    Bro you really had to bring up a thread from 2012? Asking the OP a question when it's very obvious you won't be getting a reply from him :(
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    Sorry man.. Though this is a great idea.. See right now a lot of us using bots and stuff like massplanner etc must be buying our proxies..
    Instead what i wanna do is scale everything up 100x

    1. Buy own server racks
    2. Own high speed 4G/Broadband lines (Dirt cheap in my country because of government scheme)
    3. Get ipv4 at cheapest rate in bulk..

    Doing this it is possible to get IPs in bulk at less than 1 $ per IP.. clean unused proxies..
    That would be awesome as I plan on having my own proxy pool.