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    I need customer reviews site along the lines of the sites:

    It wouldn't need to be an exact clone of any of these, just provide most of the same functionality. More than anything, it just needs to look like a legit user-driven content customer reviews/complaints site.

    I like the way system automatically (I assume, anyways, that it does it automatically) creates subdomains for company names as users submit reports about them.

    And then the system finds a way to make any all complaints submitted by different users about a complany show up on the page of the subdomain about that company.

    Or, this would work too:'s system generates a unique number at the end of each report so that a company that receives multiple comlpaints can have multiple pages for multiple opportunities at getting spidered/indexed/put in SERPs.

    PM me quotes. A template vary may well already exist, I don't know.
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    search for "script clone" on google. I saw something there for it, they have about 100 clones.