Complaint Friendly VPS??

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    Mar 5, 2011
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    I have a great system down, good targeted lists, IP Warming, etc. I am able to rotate and inbox with no problem.
    The only issue I am having is that my current VPS provider will suspend with 1 or 2 abuse complaints.
    We clean our lists A LOT and honor removal requests.
    I send out 25,000 emails/day, and out of all of that maybe get 1-2 complaints/week.
    Anyone know of a more forgiving VPS hosting company.
    Don't want to list current company for obvious reasons.
    Right now I am paying $16/mo for VPS and Cpanel with 2 IPs (I have 12 VPS servers through them). I want to stay around that price.
    Let me know, thanks!