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Compiling Content in late 2012 Genre and Style Matters

Discussion in 'Copywriting & Sales Persuasion' started by steelballs, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. steelballs

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    Dec 5, 2008
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    Compiling Content in late 2012 Genre and Style Matters

    Many folks in the IM world used to think that the best way to knock content together is Bish – Bash – Bosh! Plus they were right and millions made big bucks ‘While the Sun Shines’ then along came a raft of black and white Ailuropoda melanoleuca’s and that was that done and dusted - redundant overnight

    IM folks made a killing with the old cliché that as long as it is unique and original that will do!

    Well in most cases today that is not enough and more is needed like…

    Text with a Geo-Location bias

    • Words that showcase and attract a specific age gap

    • Male oriented spiel to make a dude think and react positively

    • Female focused words that sizzle with a feminine trigger that urges the reader to want to buy

    • Genre – meaning what are you writing about has to be a niche – reference – business – sport – standards – fun and games et al

    • And on and on we go… the name of the winning text game is all of these and more. Meaning that now in late 2012 to get clients to stick with writers – variety – style and genre matters

    Think about it millions of webmasters are now of the opinion that spun content and Bish – Bash – Bosh content has been nailed by the SE robots and algorithms et al… Making all that now redundant – burnt out and very much dated and yesterday’s way of generating text!

    Folks if you want to make money from writing you have to adapt and incorporate some of and/or all the above and more…

    Churning out spun content just does not cut it anymore – Webmasters want more…

    What Say’s You?
  2. Jenny30

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    Feb 2, 2012
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