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    Hey guys,

    So I've stumbled upon a set of 7+ hrs of lecture on different topics which I will now list:

    Session #1 - The Master Plan

    How to structure and grow your business for long term success while taking yourself out of the equation, so you can profit more while spending less time on your business.

    Session #2 - Usability Crusher

    Turn your site into a conversion machine. Easily create content that grabs your visitors' attention and compels them to take the action you want them to take.

    Session #3 - SEO Crusher

    Learn the steps to prepare for and execute a simple but deadly effective SEO strategy that works time and time again.

    Session #4 - Maps Crusher

    Maximize your traffic and profits by applying all the important factors to get your listing to the top of Google Maps.

    Session #5 - Autoresponder Crusher

    Leverage the power of permission-based email marketing to create better relationships with your customers and prospects, giving yourself the ability to create cash-in-demand whenever you want.

    Session #6 - Video Marketing Crusher

    Strategically and successfully integrate videos into your marketing campaigns that are professional in quality, but are easy and affordable to produce.

    Session #7 - Social Media Crusher

    Learn how to select the right social media sites for your business and apply social influence to your online marketing campaigns that generates buzz for your business.

    Session #8 - Press Release Crusher

    Online and offline resources to brand your business, gain recognition and reap SEObenefits. You'll see press releases in a different light when you see what it will do for reputation, branding, link building, traffic and conversions for your websites.

    Session #9 - Automated Backend Crusher

    The importance of designing your business optimally so that it's a well-oiled income producing machine. With a proper backend in place, you can just focus on feeding traffic into the system using the simple strategies I teach and watch your profits grow automatically.

    the reason that first person is used above is because I copied that from a thread that the creator made on warrior forums.

    Anyway Pay attention:

    In his offer you have the option to refer 8 people to the FREE first video " master plan". The video is free and all it requires is a name and e-mail (which to be honest probably doesnt even have to be legitimate). If i refer 8 people i get the whole thing for free, which I would then just post here for everyone!

    Anyway, the 7+ hours of lecture is priced at 97$ AU. I thought it would be nice If eight people on here used my refferal link so that I could unlock the rest of the content and then I can just post the content on here for people to watch as well. That would make this product free.

    So If you want to help and get a 97$ product for free then check out this refferal link,

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