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    BlackHatWorld is listed as the 451st most visited site in the US acording to ALEXA...

    Google is screwing us over, google is making it hard for small business owners to rank on search results.

    A new website has no chance of ranking high on google for a competitive key phrase, all you can do to rank high is cheat yourself up with 100,000+ backlinks or pay for advertising.

    Google is scamming us all.

    So I suggest that BHW should take advantage of it's current ranking and start it's own search engine which thinks more of the webmasters.

    I hate google so much I'm dying to see a new search engine!
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    Feb 16, 2011
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    Of course.... BHW has the resources to battle head to head with Google and Microsoft.
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    it is very much possible.... but the thing is it requires huge investment and great responsibilities... the stats that u see there consists of many people who wouldnt even donate a penny :(
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    If all the top-ballers and good coders contribute,
    it will only be a little work/money on each of the persons part...
    Doubt it will fly tho.
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    I understand people's irritation with Google, but the fact remains that the majority of the people on these forums are trying to abuse Google's algorithm for monetary gain. Half of the people complaining about the new algorithm changes that killed a lot of websites off are autobloggers which shouldn't really ever have been ranked in the search engine to begin with.

    Small business are small businesses. In the natural order of the world, larger and well-funded businesses would naturally be ranked above them. We're fortunate that some of us have the strategies to more or less "cheat the system" and take a little bit of money from the giants, but again, we are "cheating the system" regardless.

    I'm a blackhatter to the core, but I also realize that most of what we do is for our own benefit while a search engine should strive to benefit everyone by returning the search results most relevant to them.

    A search engine designed by a community like this would never become widely adopted because the things that we want for ourselves is not what people want when they search.

    And the reason we have to push so hard on so many of our sites is because there's so many other internet marketers out there! If there was a different "biggest search engine" instead, we'd be having the same battles on a different platform.

    Is Google a pain in the a** sometimes?


    Is it because we strive to be an even bigger pain in their a**?


    The only thing that I can see a community like this pulling off is an alternative to adwords, which already exists but not in great quality.
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