Company for sourcing products? Help?

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    I have been looking for a specific replica brand of clothes. But i have been looking on sites like alibaba and trade key for sometime now. I am not the most experienced person with B2b sites, (i have used them successfully before)but the fact that i had no luck even finding one supplier makes me feel like i am doing somthing wrong. I have never looked for replica clothing on b2b sites maybe thats my problem, i don't know. But anyway does anyone suggest hiring a company in china to find me a supplier(i have never done this before, if someone has can they provide some advice). By the way I am looking for jordan replica clothing. But i can not find it. Can someone pleease help me out and point me in the right direction about how to find a supplier in china. Does anyone have any expeirence with any companys they used to source products. Any tips would be great.
    by the way i am looking for decent quantity, not a massive amount though. So would it be worth my time to find a company to source my products?