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Jun 1, 2019
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Hopefully everyone is having a nice Saturday night.

The last few months have been quite curious for me. The last few years, too, to be honest.

I've been adjusting to adult life. Paying for my bills, "renting" a room (I live with my parents,) and going job to job.

I haven't taken any permanent position because my studies and IM ventures have me all over the place. Naturally, temporary jobs have been my bread and butter.

Enough about me, here's where you guys come in. I am looking for a job. I've done anything and everything for minimum wage. There's no shortage of sales jobs in my area promising $1k weeks max.

What has been your experience with jobs that have commission based pay? Are there learning curves to sales jobs that the average person can't overcome? How much have you made with commission jobs?

Best regards and thanks!


Jul 20, 2019
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well to very frank and open i have been in the sales myself for a long term of years it's a good profession getting commission on sales but in the long term one definitely needs to look for something permanent for sure.


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Apr 1, 2013
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i been into sales all my life , but phone commison is a art and personally i dont like it .

i prefer online affiliate or solo sales alone .

it take a real hard worker to crack the phone sales these days .

9 till 5 would kill me in a office on a phone.

now if you was talking commisson from selling from a market stall or shop counter, or items from a big bag , ill love it .(( no boss just me alone))

example me only .
i dont like to have a boss ,never had one , i dont do orders , if i was in a office and a boss said your sales are low , me personally stick that phone so far up his arse would die , can not take orders , bosses are cocky fuckers in my eyes only .

but if a boss gave me 50 watches to sell in a bag and i can go and sell them to the public door to door shop to shop person to person i am in my glory .

these type of jobs are topup money from your real career .

the only type of comission i have seen work is selling homes , selling insurance , selling mobile phones , only type of phone commision i personally see anyone earning good cash daily .

and i promise i ant getting out of bed unless there enough stock to earn from 100 to 400 a day , that grafting all day at it alone.

my personal goal would be 250 in commission a day
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