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    So I was thinking...

    I'm soon starting a new e-commerce company.

    I come from retail.
    Open store - costumers come -> done.
    They all come from word of mouth.

    I've checked out my competitors and they are growing by the day.

    Now, the most successful one has around 3-400 backlinks.
    The second most successful has about 100.
    These two have REALLY quality links.
    The first one is owned by a venture firm.

    The third largest competitor has around 1000 backlinks.


    Competitor one has a lot of TV advertising = branding.
    Competitor two is a franchise.


    Can I compete with them?

    I mean, I don't want to hand out free shit to bloggers and hope to get brand recognition like that.

    I would get top 5 SEO results without maybe 3-4 month - whitehat-style.

    Do you have any idea what I can do?

    I don't really have 50k to spend on a commercial.

    I have some offline marketing events in plan. "Blogger breakfast" and similar events! :)

    But what else?