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    I don't know whether its shared here before or not but I found out some good & free way to rank your site at least abit higher :) . Actually I sold most of my websites, I decided to leave internet business because of health probs. but I'm all good now. I'm trying to catch up reading page by page, post by post.

    Actually this is what happend;
    I had movie blogs etc. people used to read or watch the movies and without commenting on it they were just leaving. Usually when I watch movie online before watching it I check the comments on the page, see what users think about the movie. So one day I decide to code a small php script where I can upload numbers of comments & usernames, so when I upload new movie I can spin and send the comments on the post I submit. Each day I used to submit like 3 to 5 comments on each posts, when comment count reach up to 20-25 I dont submit any more comments.

    I prepare the comments with keywords. Let's say post title is " Watch Fight Club" so in the comment I will include " I watch the fight club, this movie is amazing" etc. etc.

    I didn't expect that this will rank my website higher with keywords esp. on yandex. Here is outcome. "izle" means "watch" and I almost include this keyword in every comments and post. This might help some of you.
    Have a gd.
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    Damn not a bad little tip there :) very nice.