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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Micallef, Jul 21, 2009.

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    I use high PR unmoderated comment spam backlinks (PR 4,5,6,7) to achieve a strong Google position. (Note to noobs: don't PM me asking where to get these, use the search box, the answers are there)

    But I was wondering - what is the best sort of context to leave around your link in comments?

    I have a feeling Google's algorithm scans the text around your link for semantic relevancy, so I have taken to writing comments like this.

    Spam page topic: Obama / politics
    My page topic: Weight loss

    My comment:

    "Yeah I totally agree, it looks like president Obama's politics have really helped in a lot of ways - for example, general <<<link:weight loss>>> is one of the main effects of Obama's coming to office."

    Now I know it makes no sense to a human but it doesn't need to as I have a huge supply of spam sites which are unmoderated. I am concerned with the google bot here.

    Do you think it scans the nature of the link comments? Or does it not discriminate - hence making it worthwhile to leave comments like this on a PR6, thus getting more bang for one's buck by including more links in a single comment:

    Hello my name is <<<link:weight loss page 1>>>, and i live in <<<link:weight loss page 2>>>, but my favourite ice cream is <<<link:weight loss3>>>....etc

    What do you guys do / think about this?
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    i can tell you with sure g bots '' read '' the pages like '' semantic '' so they understand well what it's the topic / and what's unusual here :)