Combine two Domains/Websites or not?


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Jul 15, 2010
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I've recently acquired two websites which I intend on flipping and selling for a huge markup one year from now. Both websites are forums and both websites are forums about the same topic.

Website #1
1 year old domain
PR 1
100+ visitors per day
Very Little backlinks
Poor SEO

Website #2
5 year old domain
PR 0
Poor Backlinks
Unknown Visitors per day
3rd page of Google for target Keyword Phrase

The second website was actually a huge forum at one time. I knew the original owner and there were a ton of people visiting. Now it is dead and hardly anyone visits.

Now, here is the problem/question. I have a domain with the keyword phrase that both of these websites target. My original plan was to merge both websites into the new domain and permanently redirect and do a change of address in Google. Any individual pages/threads that actually bring traffic would also redirect to the new location. However, I'm starting to doubt that I should merge website #2 since it has 5 years worth of age and was once large (so it obviously worked).

Any advice?