College Football Poll : Let's Hear It

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ssellers, Sep 8, 2010.

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    So, college football is back in full swing, so.. let's hear it for who you think takes the National Championship this year.

    Also, throw in WHY you think they will take it.

    No arguing in this shit, let's just hear opinions.

    Typical I know, but I will take Alabama.

    Reasons being that they are all veterans, including Ingram, who is back after a Heisman win last year.
    The have to go through the SEC again, but it doesn't look too competitive this year with Florida coming out weak and LSU looking not so good in their early close win.

    I mean, Florida has ALWAYS been my team, but I will say Bama takes them this year.

    Let's here your take on this year.
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    'Bama is primed to take it again for sure. It won't be Florida - the SEC East will go to either South Carolina or Georgia this year, take it to the bank. In fact, this weekend may just decide the SEC East because they're playing at noon EST.

    As far as the West, Auburn and Arkansas both look a bit tougher and either one can trip 'Bama up.

    'Bama won, but South Carolina gave them a scare in Columbia last year. If it weren't for Ingram they'd have squeaked by. Will be interesting to see them play again, for sure. Especially if they get a rematch in Atlanta (I'll be there, you can bet on that).

    SEC is still the dominant conference and that won't change anytime soon, no matter how much ESPN wants to hype Boise St., Southern Cal, or Ohio St.. Those are great programs, to be sure, but throw them in the SEC and it's hard to fathom them holding up as well without their powderpuff schedules.