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    Hey guys I'm new so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have been here before without a account but things are totally different when you are the one posting.

    Anyway I have started a college ambassador program for a company(idk if ur allowed to post the name or not so I'm not going to do so). I was going to start up a insta/twitter for the program along with what they want me to do around campus. I have done social media work before but nothing that successful.

    I got a niche defined here so I know to only follow the people that attend the university. The question I am wondering is how to make them stay. I know to make them interested into checking out the account that followed them you do the app name_school name.

    Then the bio is where it got tricky. I say what makes the app unique(the part college kids care about) then that there is give aways. College kids two favorite things. Free stuff and good apps. I haven't posted yet and I have only done light following since I'm trying to age the account a bit and warm it up for bigger and better things but I wanted to start Friday.

    I'm thinking about just posting cool things from the apps and what will be given away. I'm not too sure how this will go. My specialty is and has always been websites for the last 6 years or so. Thats a totally different ball game then this.

    I would appreciate any advice from you guys here. I got a bit more then a basic understanding of social media and the app will finance anything you guys think I need to pay for(If the app dosen't I have made enough of the websites that I can afford to buy almost anything). I'm just hoping to this more to put it on a resume then the money since working for yourself dosen't help much in that area no matter how much you make or do.

    Thanks in advance!
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