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    Found on another forum..

    Local businesses get pestered constantly with phone calls for advertising deals, printer ink, toner, etc. They have the radar up for sales people calling and will shut you down fast if they get a whiff it's a sales call

    Realize first, that your VA usually is talking to a front person or gatekeeper. 98% of the time.
    The owners hardly ever answer the phone, or lie about being the owner if they do. So, you should design the 60 second qualifying pitch knowing this setting.

    Prospecting is not selling. Prospecting is locating interested people with wherewithall to purchase. That's the goal

    I use different angles for the VA pitch depending on the type of local market niche. I never have the VA mention products/services/SEO or any of that stuff. In fact, I tell the VA they are only verifying addresses and phone numbers with these phone calls.

    I want to cull the herd for qualified prospects with interest. That is the only goal for the first step.

    This Qualifier Ptich has worked well...

    Since so many small businesses have not claimed their Google Places listing, I have the VA refer to "your business listing on Google Places" and the VA first verifies that the business address in our records is correct. As soon as the person on the other side says "Yes, that's correct." now we have a conversation, not a sales call.

    VA: "...and the correct phone # is 555-5555? "
    Gatekeeper: "Yeah that's right?"

    VA: "Okay, well thanks for your time."
    VA: "Ohhh... I see you haven't claimed your own Google Listing for the customer directions and your not in Google Places either." Okay, we'll send you some info on getting that done before one of the other [market niche] does.

    VA: "It's only one page, so its easier for me to send it by Fax." "or I can Mail it... which would you prefer?" "Is your Fax number still 444-4444?"

    * This isn't selling. Just a nice easy conversation trying to help out the business. 30 to 60 seconds.

    * This simple pitch fits the profile for the skillsets for my $2.25 hour Filippino VA. Usually not many rocket scientists available for sure. Keep the task easy and they can get it done successfully.

    * Wy getting permission to send the Fax you don't have to worry about troubles with the Fax Spam laws in the USA

    * A Fax is direct and immediate. Send it right away, not later. Fax is way cheaper than Mailing a flyer.

    * What you put on the 1 page Fax is up to you and the service promoted. If you use the above pitch, include a URL to get a PDF about claiming a Google Places listing too.

    With your 1 pager, I recommend getting straight to the point though. Don't use graphics ever. Use a classy business logo instead. Use a headline. Arial sans-serif fonts work best with Fax. Use bullets.

    Show them the front-end price in the Fax. Beating around the bush is a waste of time. Talking to any business who is genuinely "not interested" is a waste of your time. So put the Fax out there, put your service and price out there, and you will find those nuggets.

    In my experience, you could pick an average group of 100 local businesses and 60 of them have not claimed their Google Listing. And around 50 out of the 100 don't have a genuine website. I'd say on average, at least 5 out of 100 are serious prospects with money to spend. The prospecting objective is to locate only those 5 serious prospects for you to personally pitch.

    Sales is a numbers game. And times change, so the guy who is not interested today might be 3 months later. So get fresh lists and do this on a quarterly basis. You can make the prospecting calls yourself. Or outsource to a VA and save yourself for the closing calls.
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