Cold emailing teachers


Dec 16, 2021
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I heard that school/universities spam filters are tougher to pass. Can anyone of you confirm? I already have a list of validated emails but no opt-ins. Any tools or tricks to recommend? Thanks.
Check what CAN-SPAM has to say. Most .edu filters abide by those rules.

A TL;DR version would be:
- List business address
- Offer an unsubscribe option
- state your name/who you are
- no clickbait in the subject

That's about it. .edu systems were developed decades ago, so don't expect anything savage.
Sometimes i forget to delete those *edu emails from my databases , but getting quit openers from them , as @Alexion said they were developed decades ago (heck even the *gov emails) , i won't expect much security from them , but conversion rate was so shitty from them (and i tried lot of diff offers) .
From my testing they don't work with that god damn spamhaus so you can spam the shit out of them without getting your IP's flagged
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