Cold-calling vs. sending emails for getting local SEO clients?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dano2, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Hi, I want to start trying to get clients and outsource the SEO part, but I'm not sure what's the most successful way to reach them. Any ideas?
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    Walk into their store like a boss and prove to them why they should signup with you instead of the next guy.
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    Your 6 Options:
    1. Network After Work (google it and find your chapter go to the meetings and network)

    2. Going B2B (take a survey of the business owners concerns and priorities that you can solve)

    3. Cold Calling (grab a data list of business owners that are 1-9 employees and cold call asking them if it would be ok if you stopped by to show them the work you do - then present survey)

    4. Sending personalized mail (then follow up with a call to see if tou can stop by - then give a survey)

    5. LinkedIn inmail, profile visits to attract other visitors (setup a funnel on your profile) or messages.

    6. Referrals you should aim to work by referrals. To do that you can tell prospects in the beginning how you get paid, because they will ask - tellem you get paid 2 ways the first is built into the median industry prices (or your company pays you a commission) and the second is through referrals - only referrals allow you to spend more time with existing clients as opposed to having to prospect for new business. Then after you check in 3 or 6 months down the road or after you see results, ask them how the process for (what you did) was, or how the service is, or if they like the resukts they see so far. After they confirm your worth you can ask them if they know anyone that might want to experience the same results for their business.

    Do whichever motivates you the most and plays to your strengths, if you're not sure try them all and compare results - a good sample size for each method is 250 contacts mailing, calling, going b2b, or networking. No lead source stays hot forever so diversify your lead sources is the way to go.
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